XML File Examples

Specify the main map element. Name, version, objective, ect.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<map proto="1.4.2">
<name>GS: Eldritch</name>
<objective>Kill the enemy's squadron!</objective>

Include the default ghostsquadron classes. The included XML specifies that this is a ghostsquadron map and sets up all the relevant classes & kits.

<include src="gs.xml"/>

Specify the map author, there are no contributors.

    <author uuid="1ac2b1d3-d623-4dab-99e5-08f3cfe1c1a0"/> <!-- Vechs1 -->

Create two teams, specify their color and max players.

    <team id="blue-team" color="blue" max="8">Blue Team</team>
    <team id="red-team" color="dark red" max="8">Red Team</team>

Create the main area and deny all block interaction.

    <rectangle id="main-area" min="-oo,-oo" max="oo,oo"/>
    <apply block="never" region="main-area"/>
    <apply enter="always" message="You may not leave the playing field">
                    <cuboid id="red-base" min="530,23,-265" max="522,29,-257"/>
                    <cuboid id="blue-base" min="583,23,-295" max="592,29,-304"/>
                    <rectangle min="530,-308" max="583,-250"/>
            <rectangle min="524,-307" max="533,-296"/>

Specify the two team’s spawn points, as well as the observer spawn point.

        <spawn team="blue-team" yaw="90">
            <cuboid min="584,24,-303" max="591,24,-296"/>
        <spawn team="red-team" yaw="-90">
            <cuboid min="522,24,-264" max="529,24,-257"/>
        <point yaw="145">580.5,32,-248.5</point>

Close the main <map> element.