ID Name Description
1 DROPPED_ITEM An item resting on the ground.
2 EXPERIENCE_ORB An experience orb.
8 LEASH_HITCH A leash attached to a fencepost.
9 PAINTING A painting on a wall.
10 ARROW An arrow projectile; may get stuck in the ground.
11 SNOWBALL A flying snowball.
12 FIREBALL A flying large fireball, as thrown by a Ghast for example.
13 SMALL_FIREBALL A flying small fireball, such as thrown by a Blaze or player.
14 ENDER_PEARL A flying ender pearl.
15 ENDER_SIGNAL An flying ender eye.
17 THROWN_EXP_BOTTLE A flying experience bottle.
18 ITEM_FRAME An item frame on a wall.
19 WITHER_SKULL A flying wither skull projectile.
20 PRIMED_TNT Primed TNT that is about to explode.
21 FALLING_BLOCK A block that is going to or is about to fall.
22 FIREWORK A flying firework.
23 TIPPED_ARROW An tipped arrow projectile; may get stuck in the ground.
24 SPECTRAL_ARROW An spectral arrow projectile; may get stuck in the ground.
25 SHULKER_BULLET Bullet fired by a shulker.
26 DRAGON_FIREBALL A dragon fireball.
30 ARMOR_STAND Armor stand entity used to display weapons/armor.
40 MINECART_COMMAND A minecart with a command block in it.
41 BOAT A placed boat.
42 MINECART A minecart
43 MINECART_CHEST A minecart with a chest in it.
44 MINECART_FURNACE A powered minecart.
45 MINECART_TNT A minecart with TNT in it.
46 MINECART_HOPPER A minecart with a hopper in it.
47 MINECART_MOB_SPAWNER A minecart with a mob spawner in it.
200 ENDER_CRYSTAL A ender crystal
ø SPLASH_POTION A flying splash potion.
ø LINGERING_POTION A flying lingering potion.
ø AREA_EFFECT_CLOUD Affect cloud of a lingering potion.
ø EGG A flying chicken egg.
ø FISHING_HOOK A fishing line and bobber.
ø LIGHTNING A bolt of lightning.
ø UNKNOWN An unknown entity without an Entity Class.
Creature Types
50 CREEPER A creeper.
51 SKELETON A skeleton or wither skeleton.
52 SPIDER A spider.
53 GIANT A giant. Deprecated
54 ZOMBIE A zombie or zombie villager.
55 SLIME A slime.
56 GHAST A ghast.
57 PIG_ZOMBIE A zombie pigman.
58 ENDERMAN An enderman.
59 CAVE_SPIDER A cave spider.
60 SILVERFISH A silverfish.
61 BLAZE A blaze.
62 MAGMA_CUBE A magma cube.
63 ENDER_DRAGON An ender dragon.
64 WITHER A wither.
65 BAT A bat.
66 WITCH A witch.
67 ENDERMITE An endermite.
68 GUARDIAN A guardian or elder guardian.
69 SHULKER A guardian or elder guardian.
90 PIG A pig.
91 SHEEP A sheep.
92 COW A cow.
93 CHICKEN A chicken.
94 SQUID A squid.
95 WOLF A wolf.
96 MUSHROOM_COW A mooshroom.
97 SNOWMAN A snowman.
98 OCELOT An ocelot.
99 IRON_GOLEM An iron golem.
100 HORSE A horse.
101 RABBIT A rabbit or killer rabbit.
120 VILLAGER A villager.

Copied from: bukkit docs - Entity Types