Packaging Maps for Release

Minecraft will generate quite a few files in your world folder when you create a world. Most of these files are not needed and by deleting them you can reduce the file size when it comes to uploading your world.

Below is a table which displays all the files that may be generated in your world folder, along with a description and whether or not the file is required.

File Name Required? Description
level.dat YES Stores global information about the world such as name and generation type
region/ YES Contains all the region files of your world
data/map_[#].dat DEPENDS Stores map data for craft-able maps -- remove if you are not using custom map items
level.dat_mcr NO A backup of level.dat before the map was converted from the MCRegion world format to Anvil
level.dat_old NO A backup level.dat
session.lock NO A timestamp when the level was last accessed
playerdata/ or players/ NO Contains files which store the individual states of each player
data/villages.dat NO Stores information about Villages in the world
DIM-1/ & DIM1/ NO Contains all the region files for the Nether and The End
stats/ NO Contains achievements and other stats
##MCEDIT.TEMP##/ NO Generated by MCEdit
forcedchunks.dat NO Forced chunks
customnpcs NO Generated by MCEdit/NBTEdit
NEI NO Generated by Not Enough Items
spc NO Generated by Single Player Commands