Enchantments can be referenced by their Bukkit or Minecraft name. Bukkit enchantment names are not case sensitive and a space can be used instead of an underscore.

NOTE: PGM allows enchantments to be applied to any item regardless if the enchant was intended for it or not.

ID Bukkit Name Minecraft Name Description
Armor Enchantments
0 PROTECTION_ENVIRONMENTAL protection Provides protection against environmental damage.
1 PROTECTION_FIRE fire_protection Provides protection against fire damage.
2 PROTECTION_FALL feather_falling Provides protection against fall damage.
3 PROTECTION_EXPLOSIONS blast_protection Provides protection against explosive damage.
4 PROTECTION_PROJECTILE projectile_protection Provides protection against projectile damage.
5 OXYGEN respiration Decreases the rate of air loss whilst underwater.
6 WATER_WORKER aqua_affinity Increases the speed at which a player may mine underwater.
7 THORNS thorns Damages the attacker.
8 DEPTH_STRIDER depth_strider Increases the speed at which a player may move underwater.
9 FROST_WALKER frost_walker Create frost blocks when walking over water.
Tool Enchantments
ID Bukkit Name Minecraft Name Description
16 DAMAGE_ALL sharpness Increases damage against all targets.
17 DAMAGE_UNDEAD smite Increases damage against undead targets.
18 DAMAGE_ARTHROPODS bane_of_arthropods Increases damage against arthropod targets.
19 KNOCKBACK knockback All damage to other targets will knock them back when hit.
20 FIRE_ASPECT fire_aspect When attacking a target, has a chance to set them on fire.
21 LOOT_BONUS_MOBS looting Provides a chance of gaining extra loot when killing monsters.
32 DIG_SPEED efficiency Increases the rate at which you mine/dig.
33 SILK_TOUCH silk_touch Allows blocks to drop themselves instead of fragments.
(For example, stone instead of cobblestone)
34 DURABILITY unbreaking Decreases the rate at which a tool looses durability.
35 LOOT_BONUS_BLOCKS fortune Provides a chance of gaining extra loot when destroying blocks.
Bow Enchantments
ID Bukkit Name Minecraft Name Description
48 ARROW_DAMAGE power Provides extra damage when shooting arrows from bows.
49 ARROW_KNOCKBACK punch Provides a knockback when an entity is hit by an arrow from a bow.
50 ARROW_FIRE flame Sets entities on fire when hit by arrows shot from a bow.
51 ARROW_INFINITE infinity Provides infinite arrows when shooting a bow.
Fishing Enchantments
ID Bukkit Name Minecraft Name Description
61 LUCK luck_of_the_sea Decreases odds of catching worthless junk.
62 LURE lure Increases rate of fish biting your hook.
Item Enchantments
70 MENDING mending Repair the item using experience orbs.

Copied from: bukkit docs - Enchantments