The world border module uses the default minecraft world border and allows customization of its size, position and behavior. Only one world border definition can be active at a time.

Attributes for multiple world borders can be applied for all borders by specifying them in the root <world-borders> element.

Element Description
<world-borders> </world-borders> Node containing all the defined world borders.
Sub-elements Value/Children
<world-border> A single world border. World Border Sub-elements
World Borders Attributes
Attribute Description Value Default
center Required The center of this world border. X,Z
size Required The diameter of the world border, borders are always square. Number
when Property Filter when this world border is in effect. Filter
after Time after which this border takes effect.
Not compatible with the when property.
Time Period
duration The time it takes to transition from the previous state to this state. Time Period
damage Amount of damage per second inflicted to players for each meter they are outside the border. Number 0.2
buffer Distance to the edge of the border where damage to the player begins. Number 5
warning-distance Show red vignette to players closer than this to border. Number 5
warning-time Show red vignette to players when the border is moving and will reach them within this time. Time Period 15s
World Border Sub-elements
Element Description Value/Children
<when> Property Filter when this world border is in effect. Filter


<world-borders center="6.5, -36.5">
    <!-- Typical time-based shrinking border. Starts at 200 meters when the match loads. -->
    <!-- After 5 minutes, it starts shrinking, until it is 20 meters wide at 15 minutes. -->
    <world-border size="200"/>
    <world-border size="20" after="5m" duration="10m"/>

<!-- Borders can be controlled with filters (and will update dynamically). This is -->
<!-- roughly how you would move a deadly border depending on which team controls a hill -->
<world-borders size="50" damage="20">
    <world-border center="30, 0">
            <objective team="red-team">control-point</objective>
    <world-border center="-30, 0">
            <objective team="blue-team">control-point</objective>