Players have to locate and break the enemy team’s core, usually an obsidian sphere filled with lava. The lava has to leak down a certain distance for the core to be destroyed. Lava should not be available anywhere else on the map, otherwise a core leak could be faked. This can also be avoided by keeping the lava far away enough from the core and not giving players buckets or the ability to craft them.

Cores Element Description
<cores> </cores> Node containing all the defined cores.
Sub-elements Value/Children
<core> </core> A single core. Core Sub-elements
Core Attributes
Attribute Description Value Default
id Unique identifier used to reference cores from other places in the XML. String
name The core's name, used in notification messages. String
required Specify if this objective is required to win the match.
Teams completing all of their required objectives will win regardless of score or blitz configuration.
true/false true
region Property Required A region containing the core. Bounded Region
leak Distance below the bottom of the core region that the lava must leak. Number 5
material The core casing material, used to detect breaks, and for mode changes. Single Material Pattern obsidian
team Required Team the core belongs to, i.e. its owner. Team ID
mode-changes Specify if this core uses monument modes. true/false
show Specify if the core should be hidden from all visible locations to the player. These locations include chat, the boss bar, and the scoreboard.
NOTE: The objective will also not be logged to the Database and the player will not recieve any raindrops upon completion.
true/false true
proximity-metric Metric used to determine proximity to the core.
Accepts closest player, closest block or closest kill
Proximity Metric closest player
proximity-horizontal Only calculate horizontal distance for core proximity. true/false false
Core Sub-elements
Element Description Value
<region> Property Required A region containing the core. Bounded Regions
<cores material="obsidian" leak="8">
    <core team="blue">
        <region><cuboid min="10,15,12" max="12,13,16"/></region>

<cores material="obsidian" leak="4">
    <core team="red" region="red-core"/>