The potion <effect> element can be used in a kit to apply potion effects directly to a player, or used to give a custom effect to a potion bottle item.

Duration specifies how long the potion will last, and amplifier determines what level / how strong the potion is. The effect type is specified by its Minecraft ID. Effect ID’s should be specified without their minecraft: prefix.

Effect Element
Element Description Value
<effect> </effect> A potion effect Status Effect ID
Effect Attributes
Attribute Description Value Default
duration Duration of the effect. Time Period oo (forever)
amplifier Strength of the effect. The value matches what is displayed to the player in-game, so the first tier of potions have amplifier 1. Number 1
<effect duration="10" amplifier="4">resistance</effect>
<effect duration="900" amplifier="1">jump_boost</effect>