The players module is the basis for all team-less gamemodes, such as FFA, UHC, or hunger games style matches. This module is not limited to matches focused on combat, it can also be used in combat-less game modes where players have to collect specific items, etc. Win conditions are set by using the score and time limit modules.

NOTE: This gamemode is not compatible with the teams module!

Element Description
<players/> The players node, containing player settings.
Players Attributes
Attribute Description Value Default
min Minimum amount of players required. Number
max Player limit -- normal players cannot join the match once it reaches this size.
Premium players may join over this limit until max-overfill is reached.
max-overfill Player overfill -- premium players cannot join the match once it reaches this size.
Must be greater than the defined max.
show-name-tags Specify who can see the name tags of players.
Accepts: true, false, allies or enemies
Enum true
colors Auto assign a unique color to each player, works for up to 10 players and then colors repeat. true/false false


<players max="16" max-overfill="20"/>