The game will run for a specified amount of time, players will have to find and kill enemy players. Each player has a limited amount of lives, and after they are used up the player is moved to the observer team. The match ends after the specified amount of time, or when one team is eliminated. If the match timer ends before a team is eliminated the team with the most players remaining wins.

The blitz module is used with the Ghost Squadron gamemode, and is also often combined with the rage module.

Blitz maps should include the global blitz XML file.

Blitz Element Description
<blitz> </blitz> A node containing the blitz gamemode settings.
Sub-elements Value/Children Default
<lives> The amount of lives each player has before they are out of the match. Number 1
<broadcastLives> Broadcast to the player the amount of lives they have left. true/false true



<!-- Time till the match ends in minutes -->

<include src="blitz-global.xml"/>
<blitz/>    <!-- Use the default blitz settings -->